Elements of Rebellion in Uncle Tom's Cabin

H. B. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin is a rebellious novel. The protagonist Tome has rebelled against the inhuman domination of whites towards the Blacks. He is the rebellious hero who fights a spiritual war and wins it by dying himself like the Christ and gives redemption to all slaves of America being very gentle, peaceful, tolerate and patience.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Tom doesn't want to escape from his slavery because he has the responsibility for other slaves. His sufferings and death, both are creative like as the Christ's death suffering. The novel is rebellious in a Christian way.

The whole novel is rebellious against the system of slavery. So it is an antislavery novel. Social protest of Tom against the racial discrimination is one of the most striking elements of rebellion in Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. The South African Society was highly victimized with the brutal racial discrimination. Tom always tries to fight against it, but not destructively but peacefully. According to Tom, Lord had already brought Tom but no any other landlord. So whatever he faces it is the Lord's will to give the redemption to the other people of the society.

There are rebellious elements for the freedoms of human rights. Slavery took many rights away from the enslaved, the loss of the basic right to have the intact family, mainly for the parents and children to be together. Stowe believes that slave families should be allowed to stay together. The novel is rebellious in the favor of the abolitionist movement in the USA. It is demand for peace, equality, justice, brotherhood and apartheid. The most extreme domination of whites upon the blacks created the vast gap of justice between and among people. Stowe is very conscious about this sort of disordered Satiation in American society. So it raises this sort of rebelliousness for the demand of justice, equality, and brotherhood. It is also one of the important elements of rebellion.

In this way Stowe sets the novel to express the sense of rebellion in so many aspects. The whole purpose of the novel moves around the theme of the problem of evil in several levels: theological, moral, economic, political and practical. In every aspects these are chronological rebelling through the novel by portraying Tom as one of the most prominent rebellious heroes. It mainly rebels against the dominated systems of American society which always tried to dominate the slaves, mainly blacks. Economically, they were captured through the long rooted ancestral debt. Due to the loan of slaves, they are compelled to be in slave from generation to generation, under the brutal behave of their masters. Socially, they couldn't raise their head with glory in American Society. In the same way politically too they were dominated by grasping their rights and duties. Practically too they could not live under the equal environment of the society. Everywhere they were enchained. All these aspects are rebelliously depicted with the characterization of spiritual peaceful fighter Tom.

Thus the elements like religious, economic, social, political, and practical aspects are presented to the sense of rebellion throughout the novel.