Tom as a Moral Miracle in Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom is the center in Uncle Tom's Cabin. He is represented in the novel as an amazing, unbelievable slave gifted with miraculous power to face any circumstance that occurs in his life. When his pious master Mr. Shelby sold him to Haley, Uncle Tom calmly and cheerfully accepted his lot.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

After Evangeline St. Clare's death, Uncle Tom was sold to Simon Legree. Simon Legree's Plantation was a hell for the black slaves. To reach the lowest part of the south was to reach a hell from where slaves never hope to come alive. Many slaves, first of all, the struggle to avoid going to the bottom of the south, but Uncle Tom accepts his lot to descend into the hell of slavery.

Even amidst the extreme physical torture Uncle Tom never deviates from his faith in the Bible. When a terrifically brutal Simon Legree forced Uncle Tom to worship him (Legree) as his (Tom's) Bible, Uncle Tom, continued to object. Wherever Uncle Tom reaches he teaches morality. He advises people to have faith in the Bible. Regarding slavery Uncle Tom says the slave master - The white master can enslave the slave's body only. He can never enslave the soul of a slave. Hence, Uncle Tom appears to be a strong believer in the freedom of the soul. Physical freedom is nothing for Uncle Tom. To him the freedom of the soul is of utmost significance. So Uncle Tom easily forgives his slave master.

Uncle Tom accepts fatalistically the physical lot of his being a slave. But he transcends the barriers of slavery, though he can't become the master of his own body. He is certainly the master of his soul. He has achieved moral superiority. That is why he is proud of his moral maturity. By dint of his unwavering faith in the Bible, Uncle Tom became unbelievably moral. He is able to love anybody as if he/she, is his own offspring. There is a greater degree of feminine quality in Uncle Tom. Even at the time of his painful death, he was mumbling words from the Bible. Just before the moment of his death, he says "nobody should come to buy me and my freedom from the bondage of suffering. God has already bought me. He has kept my place in heaven secure."

Simon Legree had killed Uncle Tom through physical assault. But Uncle Tom does not utter any harsh words upon Simon Legree. It seems Uncle Tom's morality is unconquerable and unshakable. He is miraculously so moralistic that he redefines his death as the transaction between him and God.

It appears that no human being can become as moralistic as Uncle Tom. His belief in moral perfection is beyond belief. An extremely unusual degree of morality exists in Uncle Tom. It seems Uncle Tom was born for morality. It seems he is a moral being. It appears that he is an example of what a slave is capable of. He is an evidence to show that in certain areas like morality the white are inferior and the enslaved blacks are superior. Uncle Tom is a moral miracle.