Ronald Stuart Thomas - Biography and Works

Ronald Stuart Thomas is a Welsh poet who is best known for his imagist poems. Thomas was born in Cardiff, Wales and grown up in Holyhead.

Ronald S. Thomas (1913-2000)

He studied classics at the University of North Wales and theology at St. Michel’s College in Landaff. He was a priest of the Anglican Church for a long time before he retired in 1978.

He gained a deep understanding of the Welsh language, the local culture and the images to all of which he pays deep homage in his poetry. But Thomas seems to be torn between preserving the old ways of Wales and welcoming invigorating new changes into it. He is also one of those twentieth century English poets who have tried to revive the original rhythm of Anglo-Saxon poetry (the accentual meter). He also eschews ornamentation in favor of spare directness, and has also lately moved from traditional aural rhyme to the rhyme based on image or concept.

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