Companion to British and American Plays

Romances or Tragicomedies in Shakespeare’s Last Plays

Shakespeare's last plays 'romances' effectively continue the irregular line of development of his earlier works by interfacing comic and tragic themes with a new intensity. All these romances deal in one way or another with evil and innocence, guilt ...More

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett: A Tragedy

In the tradition of tragedy there is always a profound understanding of suffering and helpless humanity. The tradition continues from the ancient Greeks to the modern playwrights - Luigi Pirandello, Arthur Miller, Jean-Paul Sartre and Samuel Beckett, ...More

The Theme of Time in Waiting for Godot

In the modern age man has to race hard against time. In an Absurd drama, however, the dramatic Personae are separated from the world, living in no-man's-land. They have shifted from sanity to madness, for no human mind can face squarely the terrible ...More

Waiting for the Godot by Samuel Beckett: Short Summary

Samuel Beckett, an absurdist playwright, is the writer of Waiting for Godot. This play is the translation of his own French play En attendant Godot. This play is considered the most significant English language play of the 20th century.More

Sylvette and Percinet as the Young Romancers

Sylvette and Percinet have all the qualities of young romancers. They are teenagers who have just come home from school when they saw each other passing, they began to fall in love. They do not know how quickly it happened. Their eyes converse in cod ...More

Reasons of Fake Kidnapping in The Romancers

Bergamin and Pasquinot are old friends. Their sole aim has been to live together by getting their children married to each other. They did not get them married in the beginning. They invent an imaginary hatred between them. When the children are madl ...More

The Role of Straforel and his Men in The Romancers

Straforel has an important role, though minor. He is a fake kidnapper and is called to kidnap Sylvette so that Percinet would save her and on that ground their fathers can unite as friends and give permission for the marriage.More

Anxiety of the Young Lovers in The Romancers

The Romancers are the young lovers called Percinet and Sylvette. Percinet reads Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to Sylvette. She loves the verse very much. She expresses sympathy towards the poor lovers and feels sorry for their cruel destiny and the ...More

The Romancers by Edmond Rostand: Summary

There are mainly five characters in this play: Sylvette and her father Pasquinot, Percinet and his father Bergamin, and Straforel, a hired killer. A wall has divided the park. Percinet is sitting on the wall reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to ...More

Dramatic Technique in The Happy Journey

The Happy Journey by Wilder was first published in a volume entitled The Long Christmas Dinner and Other Plays in One Act (1931). It is experimental in technique. The playwright makes little use of stage settings or scenery. As a result, the imaginat ...More