Companion to British and American Short Stories

An Episode of War by Stephen Crane

The lieutenant's rubber blanket lay on the ground, and upon it he had poured the company's supply of coffee. Corporals and other representatives of the grimy and hot-throated men who lined the breastwork had come for each squad's portion.More

The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams

They were new patients to me, all I had was the name, Olson. Please come down as soon as you can; my daughter is very sick. When I arrived I was met by the mother, a big startled looking woman, very clean and apologetic who merely said, Is this the ...More

About Love by Anton Chekhov: Summary

Anton Chekhov's 'About Love' is narrated from the perspective of Paval Konstantinovich alias Alyohin, the protagonist of the story. It starts with two unmatched love stories of Nikanor and Pelageya and of Alyohin and a Moscow girl. Nikanor is a cook ...More

Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe: Summary

The well-known Nigerian author Chinua Achebe's short story 'Civil Peace' is a realistic story which presents the condition immediately after the Civil War. The story is about a Biafran civil war and its effect on the lives of ordinary Nigerian people ...More

The Rocking Horse Winner by Lawrence: Critical Commentary

The Rocking Horse Winner first published in 1926 by D.H. Lawrence is considered to be an example of modernist prose. It is his hatred towards growing consumerism, crass materialism and affection-less parenting style of English people.More

Clay by James Joyce: Summary

The story is about a middle aged woman called Maria, who works in the kitchen of a laundry established for the reform of prostitutes. She was a small person in physical structure having long nose and long chin.More

Enemies by Anton Chekhov: Summary and Analysis

It was about ten o'clock of a dark September evening the doctor Kirilov's only son; Andrey died of diphtheria. A disappointed doctor’s wife was on her knees before the dead child’s cot. In the meantime, the bell rang sharply in the hall. Kirilov ...More

The Valiant Woman by James Farl Powers: Summary and Analysis

The story 'The Valiant Woman' by James Farl Powers is a story about the relation between man and woman in the context of a Roman Catholic. It presents the private life of Roman Catholic priests in off-duty moment and deals with the moral and practica ...More

In Another Country by Ernest Hemingway: Summary and Analysis

In Another Country is a story about war, written by the Noble Prize winner Ernest Hemingway, which deals with the experiences of an unnamed army officer who describes the events and the experiences of war in first person narrative. This is the story ...More

The Jar by Luigi Pirandello: Summary and Analysis

The Jar is primarily the story of Lollo Zirafa and it is also the story of Zi' Dima and his comic plight. The action and reaction between these two stories define the meaning of the whole. Lollo Zirafa was a farmer at Primosole. That year his olive c ...More