Critics on Short Fiction

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka: Summary

One of the best known stories The Metamorphosis ranked Franz Kafka; a Czech-born German-Jewish writer one of the most famous story writer who dealt with an issue of existentialism of the twentieth century.More

A Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka: Summary

A Hunger Artist depicts the story of the world famous performer who performed the act of fasting for more than forty days at a time. The story is told from the perspective of unsatisfied, frustrated and alienated protagonist who does so difficult tas ...More

Clay by James Joyce: Theme

Clay by James Joyce is very highly symbolic story. It shows us a middle-aged woman named Maria and her usual life. Maria is an unmarried woman who lives her life very simply. As her life is a very simple one and as she is unmarried, we can assume tha ...More

Clay by James Joyce: Critical Interpretation

Maria, a female protagonist, in Clay represents a quiet life of a single maid who is famous for her "peace making role" in the laundry. It is a great irony that though she is a great peacemaker in laundry, she has been unable to maintain peace and or ...More

Clay by James Joyce: Summary

The story is about a middle aged woman called Maria, who works in the kitchen of a laundry established for the reform of prostitutes. She was a small person in physical structure having long nose and long chin.More

The Rocking Horse Winner by Lawrence: Critical Commentary

The Rocking Horse Winner first published in 1926 by D.H. Lawrence is considered to be an example of modernist prose. It is his hatred towards growing consumerism, crass materialism and affection-less parenting style of English people.More

The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence: Summary

The Rocking Horse Winner recounts the dark tale of young Paul and his cold, socially ambitious mother, a woman whose ruthless pursuit of wealth kills her emotionally, and him literally. Living in a style beyond their means.More

The Widow of Ephesus by Petronius: Analysis

The Widow of Ephesus deals with the fidelity of women. The narrator Eumolpus wants to prove that all women are unfaithful and can be seduced sooner or later. To prove this fact, Eumolpus presents the story of the widow from the city of Ephesus.More

The Widow of Ephesus by Petronius: Summary

Once upon a time there was a faithful woman in Ephesus. Her fidelity was well-known all over the area. But one day her husband died and she went to the grave with the dead body of her husband. She insisted on taking care of the body herself until it ...More

War Games by Black Elk as told to John G. Neihardt: Analysis

War Games is a part of the story told to John G. Neihardt by Black Elk. Black Elk is a Sioux warrior and a priest. His youth coincided with the last years of territorial freedom for the plains Indians. In Black Elk’s culture, the struggle for exist ...More