Periods of English Literature

Salient Features of Victorian Literature

The word Victorian suggests a few features of the literature including poetry of the nineteenth century. In poetry and literature, it carries the suggestion of pessimistic subject, elegiac tone, lyrical expression, musical poetry, description of the ...More

Nineteenth Century Prose

With the arrival of romanticism, the nineteenth century prose reached a new stage and became for the first time a literary norm of its own. The essay of this time became highly personal and often whimsical. They also contained the wanderings of the w ...More

Nineteenth Century Novelist

The nineteenth-century novelists are also known as Victorian novelists and it was considered as the greatest age of English novel. During this period, many famous novelists wrote a number of great novels. Generally the subject matter of the Victorian ...More

Victorian Poets

Victorian poets are also known as later nineteenth-century poets. Most of the writing of this period reflects current social, economic, and intellectual problems. The poetry of this period shows the crisis of religion and philosophy because of the de ...More

Romantic Poets

Romantic poets are also called the early nineteenth- century poets. These poets revolted against the poetic tradition of the eighteenth century. They turned to the nature. They disliked the set rules and orders of the neo-classical poets. Instead, th ...More

Eighteenth Century Prose

Eighteenth century period is supposed to be very fertile period in the development of prose work. The writer slowly turned into reasonable things. The prose was thought to be a good medium in order to express more elaborate ideas and arguments. The e ...More

Neoclassical Poets

English poets from 1660 to 1798 are generally known as neo-classical poets. They are called so because they had a great respect for classical writers and imitated much from them. Order, correctness and established rules were carefully observed. Set p ...More

Restoration Drama and Prose

The Restoration of King Charles II to the English throne in 1660 brought a new change in English literature. Previously closed theatres were opened again. New groups of writers began to write plays.More

Twentieth Century Poetry

The most striking thing in twentieth-century English literature is the revolution in poetic taste and practice. Various movements and changes had a greater influence upon modern poetry. Though poets are often influenced by each other and sometimes, s ...More

Twentieth Century Drama

Although the twentieth-century drama is the product of the individual writer’s ideas and experience, we often find some general features in common. They share some beliefs and concerns for their work. They try to show some parts of the realistic pi ...More

Twentieth Century Novels and Prose

The novels of the nineteenth century were written at a time when there was confidence and stability in British society. But the twentieth-century novels are influenced by the changes in beliefs and political ideas after the events of the First World ...More

Age of John Milton

Undoubtedly Milton is regarded as one of the greatest poets in English literature. He is second only to Shakespeare. He was born in London in 1608, and educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge. As a youth, Milton was very attractive, so at the Colle ...More

Elizabethan Prose

Many writers of the Elizabethan age translated various books into English. Sir Thomas North translated Plutarch’ Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans. He was one of the best translators with a good command of English. He also had the ability to w ...More

Elizabethan Drama

Drama was the chief literary glory of the Elizabethan age. In the beginning, these dramas were not so well- written, though the comedies were better than the tragedies. Ralph Roister Doister is taken as the first regular English comedy. It was a kind ...More

Elizabethan Poetry

Elizabethan age was a great age of English literature. During this time the writing of poetry was the part of education among the educated people. That is why many books of poetry by different writers appeared during this age. More

Middle English Period

The Middle English was spoken in England from about 100 A.D. to about 1500 A.D. It was much easier than the old English. More