Vision of Miscegenation in The Last of The Mohicans

Miscegenation is the alternative solution Hawkeye proposed to the interracial violence prone to scene of the frontier. The frontier observed the violent hostility between: European race and non-European race, between Mohican tribe and Huron tribe and European tribal race and ethnic Indian race.

James Fenimore Cooper

There are violent disharmony and destructive hostility. Europeans (both the French and the English) took political advantage from sowing the seed of conflict between two different Indian tribes. Among Indian tribes there arose a trend to support that European group, which used to help that Indian tribe to gain control over another. Due to their colonial intention, political hostility developed between them, there was an intense competition between the French and the English about who could be the first to gain control over the frontier territory. To some extent, this colonial competition is not unnatural. But the hostility between the same tribal classes is pretty ludicrous. Even more surprising, the failure of brotherhood and humanity to grow between the European race and tribal race. Given the persistence of violence and bloody massacre on the frontier, the historical progress of the frontier will be nil. How can the history of the frontier move toward of direction of progression if interracial violence, prejudices and discrimination continue to persist? When two races, culture and tribes stand face to face their power relationship begin to take a violent turn. Instead of accepting the existence of other, the powerful self begins to dominate the other. When two equally powerful races (Here in the novel, the French and the English) stand face to face, the conflict is far more likely to erupt. Disharmony continues to develop. Hawkeye thought seriously about this interracial, racial, inter-ethnic, tribal and intertribal conflict. The problem of violence on the frontier was a serious problem. It was so serious that unless and until it is solved it was sure to pose a threat to the historical progress of the frontier. So Hawkeye puts forward the alternative way of solving the problem of frontier conflict and violence.

 The solution Hawkeye forwarded is miscegenation. Hawkeye carried the view that if a young man from one race builds up a romantic affinity in a woman from another race and finally, if they marry, their offspring and they themselves learn to respect the existence of other's culture, racial pride and tribal background. Miscegenation is interracial marriage. This solution to frontier violence is not so easy. Even Miscegenation can't solve the racial battles pervading the frontier. In the novel Munro had expected Hayward to display romantic affinity in Cora. But it didn't happen the way it was expected. To our surprise the affinity grew between Cora and Uncas. But sadly, they both are killed and their love gets tragic end. Hence Hawkeye's vision of miscegenation has failed.