Romance and Love in The Cherry Orchard

The play also does have the theme of love. We know that different characters fall in love with one another. Being a widow, Lady Ranevskaya was living in Paris with man whom she seems to be in love.

Anton Chekhov(1860-1904)

But her relation with him does not turn out to be fruitful. We also know that Lopakhin falls in love with Varya, adopted daughter of Lady Ranevskaya, but due to the business mentality, the love between them does not end in marriage. He is half -hearted man. Perhaps he does not want to marry anyone who is aristocracy only in name.

Similarly, Yasha and Dunyasha are not brought together by the end of the play. Anya and Trofimov also face same destiny of not having love/marriage: None of the relationship ends with marriage. So the play carries the theme of unsuccessful love affairs. All the people who are in love affairs belong to Ranevskaya's family in some sense. As the family suffers from economic crisis and downfall, the relations among the lovers also suffer. Perhaps, the playwright wants to show that economic status is to be strengthened in order to success in social and human relationship.

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