What is Sound of Poetry?

The sound of poetry generally refers to the linguistic quality which determines a certain rhythms in poetry.

It is the distinctive qualities or features which distinguishes poetry from other forms of literature. It has its following parts:

  1. Syllables
    b) Foot
    c) Meter

    a) Syllables: - As syllables is the combination of vowel and consonant sound. A word can have many syllables but are syllable is always equals to one vowel and one consonant sound. Generally it is considered that one syllable equal to one vowel. For example life.
    b) Foot: - A foot is the combination of stressed and unstressed syllables. For example my life.
    c) Meter: - Meter in the poetry is often determined by syllables and foot. Generally one foot is regarded to be one meter.
    There are two types of meter. a) Numerical b) Traditional

a) Numerical
One foot- Monometer
Two feet- Dimeter
Three feet- Trimeter
Four feet- Tetrameter
Five feet- Pentameter
Six feet- Hexameter
Seven feet- Heptameter
Eight feet- Octameter
Nine feet- Semi decameter
Ten feet- Decameter

b) Traditional
The Iambic~/
The Trochee /~
The Dactyl /~ ~
The Anapest ~ ~ /

Published on 24 Jan. 2014 by Kedar Nath Sharma

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