Critical Theory since Plato to Post-modernism

The Advancement of Learning

Bacon explains the better world created by poetry than our word. So, it has excess to all times and places. It creates a better world of music that is found from barbarian to the modern world (elsewhere in all times). Bacon places poetry to the highe ...More

Critical Note on Discourses on the Heroic Poem (Excerpts)

Poetry has mainly four species: epic, tragedy, comedy, and songs. Poetry is imitation, yet it is different from other sorts of imitative art. Poetry imitates human and divine actions. It is corollary to say that those who do not sing human or divine ...More

Discourses on the Heroic Poem (excerpts): Meaning and Interpretation

In the first book, Tasso follows an Aristotelian procedure to formulate a definition of epic. And this definition is, in some extent, parallel, and is contrasted to Aristotle's definition of tragedy. The aim of the book one is to set forth a definiti ...More

On the Defense of the Comedy of Dante by Mazzoni

Mazzoni presents his view on metaphysics of art. As he says there are three types of artifice which subsequently constitute three species of arts. The Idea: The idea is the object of the ruling art or governing art. To produce a kite, we need certain ...More

From The Poetics of Aristotle Translated and Explained

Castelvetro's work on the Poetics of Aristotle was published in 1570, though often erroneous in transmitting Aristotle's ideas, it was extremely influential in the history of drama and of criticism. Castelvetro emphasized Realism in drama, clarified ...More

The Consolation of Philosophy

Boethius ideas presented in "The Consolation of Philosophy" are influential. He translated both Plato and Aristotle into Latin. Plato, regarding poetry, influenced him. Like Plato, he says that there is an ancient quarrel between poetry and philosoph ...More

Components of Tragedy in Aristotle's Poetics

Aristotle's theory of tragedy is completely based on induction. The ample examples or citations that Aristotle uses in his text from the tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides, make the idea clear that his theory of this literary genre comes ...More

How does Aristotle differ from Plato in his theory of imitation and what is the relation between imitation and morality?

Aristotle differs with Plato on the pragmatic value of poetry. Plato as a dualist divides reality into two world- world of ideas and world of senses. World of ideas has eternal and immutable patterns, spiritual and abstract in their nature and all th ...More

An Outline of Poetics

In this introductory chapter, Aristotle makes a plan to deal with different critical concepts to be discussed in the subsequent chapters. Here, he introduces one important thing that epic poetry, tragedy, comedy and dithyrambic poetry, and the music ...More

Aristotelian Concept of Plot

Aristotle defines plot as the soul of tragedy and gives much emphasis to it. It is said to have "unity of action" (to be an artistic whole). The order of unified plot, Aristotle points out, is a continuous sequence of beginning, middle and end.More