Beloved as a Multicultural Novel

Toni Morrison's Beloved is a multicultural novel resembling the different voices of black slaves in a very ironic tone, in the form of Black narrative. Toni Morrison's concern lies in the multicultural aspects of the black community. It represents the multiple voice of black slaves who were compelled to be displaced due to the brutal behave of their masters.

Toni Morrison (Born in1931)

Inside their own position how black was brutalized near the death is another important aspect of Beloved. The protagonist Sethe and her long experience as slave gives the vision of black culture and its compulsion of being the puppet in the hand of inhuman and heart rending situation.

How black culture's identity has been hidden inside the vast mist of white's and their inhuman behave has also been well depicted in the novel. Black culture could not get its influence in the society due to the cause of white dominating culture. They used blacks as the medium of their sexual fulfillment and childbearing machine without regarding their motherhood and humanity. Sexually black women slaves were exploited and used as white's source of entertainment by raping their virginity. It is another hidden voice of black culture in Toni Morrison's Beloved.

Racism is one of the most important and broad fields in Beloved under which the cultural identity has extremely been hidden or captured by the bitter behaves of white masters. As a result, Morrison raises the cultural aspects of blacks, which has been subdivided in different corners. In that sense Beloved represents multiple voices of black slaves who died in Middle passage, who escaped from the south and scattered across the north. It also represents the countless voices of black slaves turned timelessly by their monstrous voices of slaves. The very preventative of Beloved's role shows the spiritual aspects of black culture under which they live with some certain expectations.

There are different layers of the black culture's voice in the entire novel Beloved. Due to the prevailed slavery, how black culture's identity and freedom has been lost is one of the central cultural voices of Morrison in Beloved. Around this voice, the voice of the freedom of black culture, demand of same of the basic human rights of black culture, the forceful protest against the sexual exploitation and displacement of whole black culture, the bitter protest against the problem of racism etc. are some of the major voices raised from the black culture. They are demanding their own black culture's existence into their society regarding their own black culture's existence in to their society regarding the political, social and economic and other different aspects of practical fields. So there are multicultural aspects of Beloved. By this same token Morrison also identifies the behavior of white culture which is measured through the behaviors done over the blacks.