Arts in Painting

Arts and paintings are considered to be one of the forms of literature. Arts and paintings represent the reality of our world in the way other literature like poetry, drama or fiction does. It can be classified under the category of visual arts however its importance has been accepted as in the position of higher importance from the time immemorial.

It holds an important position like music and other forms of arts in literature. Painting or visual art is like other forms of art which holds the capacity of expression of individual thought and feeling achieved through the creative process. An artist seeks to share his or her experiences, observations, and understanding through the medium that most effectively lends itself to their personal skills and abilities. Whether artists are writing stories, painting pictures, writing music, composing a photograph, or creating a film, they are expressing their relationship to the world around them at that moment.Their works share certain expressive elements, such as structure, theme, and tone.

Art connects human beings to each other in that sense it allows us to share each other's perceptions, emotions, and experiences. A gifted artist may capture creatively what we feel but cannot express ourselves. Literature and the other fine arts are all similar in that aspect. Visual arts or paintings use colors to expresses what poetry or drama expresses through the use of words or letters. Color holds the dominant role in visual art since it is generally associated with color symbolism to convey the message. Some paintings are very easy to understand and some are very complex. To interpret the complex paintings we must use the special skill and creativity to analyze the paintings as artists do.

Paintings help us to understand and recognize the things very quickly. If one is taking help of verbal art to understand the same thing, comparatively it will take longer time because verbal art requires imagination in the mind to grasp the exact sublime or beauty of the art. Instead painting of the same image is like readymade pictures which are supposed to be more vivid and beautiful. Another advantage of visual art is it can be understood by uneducated people if the painting is simple in theme. With the help of painting one can understand nature or the object more because he or she can associate himself or herself with nature very closely. Art or the painting objects stand in the position of signifier which signified the concrete things from this universe.

This is how we connect all the art mediums and literature in terms of similarity. They all have different signifiers trying to denote the signified. The most important thing is that both art and painting one way the other holds the similar position in terms of introducing and communicating any work of art.

The Last Supper by Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto

The painting has complete darkness dominating everywhere. On the top of the painting there is bulb of light and on the both sides of the top there are so many flying images in the painting. There is the supper table with so many human images and amon ...More

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

This painting has complete darkness in the background and the images are painted in the broken form. On the top of the painting is a bulb of light in the shape of the human eye, there are two animal images which are bull and the horse. Similarly ther ...More

Moon Woman Cuts the Circle by Jackson Pollock

In this complex painting by the modern American painter Jackson Pollock; everything is painted in mess and grotesque. The background of the painting is completely blue and the images are complex as well as mysterious. On the top of the painting in th ...More

Execution of Madrilenos by Francisco Goya

In the painting the dark color dominates everywhere and there are so many human images in the painting. On the top at the painting there is a dim city under the pitch darkness. There is also a rocky mountain. In the background of the painting there a ...More

The Alba Madonna by Raphael

In the painting entitled The Alba Madonna by painter Raphael, everything is clearly and beautifully painted. The whole globe and the universe are captured by the painter. On the top of the painting is the clear sky with some dots of clouds. The pasto ...More

Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix

In the painting entitled Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, images are related to the human world as well as the natural world. On the top of the painting there is a lady with the open breast and she has a gun on her left hand but on her right ...More