Sketch the Character of Bobolink

Bobolink Bowen is the ringleader of the group of autograph seekers. She is probably in her thirties. She is fat and like a fat person she looks self-satisfied and happy. Her smiling lips show her satisfaction. Her hair is short and highly curled. She wears thick-lensed glasses that reduce her eyes to the size of button holes, and her clothes are very simple.

William Inge (1913-1973)

She has got the autographs of all of the movie stars that are worth getting. She is a good judge. She says that the best movie stars are never proud. She knows most of the stars. She has studied the behavior of the doormen. She says they don't pay any attention to movie stars because they see so many of them that they are bored with them.

All of the autograph hounds are outside the 21 club because Bobolink has told them that she saw Perry Como going into the club. All the members in the group rely on her. She is a strong-minded person. She always finishes up what she starts out to do. She can wait for her favorite star the whole snowy night. Today she is waiting for Perry Como. She has come for Perry Como, and she is going to stay till she gets Perry Como. She is quite enthusiastic as Tyrone Power has written in her autograph book, and faithful too. She adores her favorite one. She does not treat such subjects lightly. She considers them sacred. She is controlled too. She is not excited like the others in the group. Every time, she makes a close study of the persons coming out of the club. She considers that the teenagers are just kids because they gather everything get. They don't distinguish between the best and the ordinary. Therefore, she looks mature.

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