Reasons of Fake Kidnapping in The Romancers

Bergamin and Pasquinot are old friends. Their sole aim has been to live together by getting their children married to each other. They did not get them married in the beginning. They invent an imaginary hatred between them. When the children are madly in love with each other, they have to end their feud.

Edmond Rostand (1868-1918)

They hire a professional killer for kidnapping and when Percinet rescues Sylvette they pretend that their quarrel has come to an end and get their children married to each other. They had to devise this complicated plan for various reasons.

First of all, a prearranged marriage is not exciting for two poetic lovers. Sylvette is a daydreaming little girl from school and she has a fairy like soul. Percinet is also slightly romantic. Next, by reading romantic literature, they started to identify themselves with the characters in the play. They hope to wipe out hatred of their fathers. This hatred has made their love stronger because the more one is kept from loving someone, the more he wants to love. When the parents are sure that the children are madly in love with each other, they want to wipe out their hatred without arousing their suspicions. To make this part of the plan successful, they follow Sylvette's solution which they have heard secretly. They hire a kidnapper who arranges a first class abduction, which will be something memorable for young romancers. Thus, they achieve their sole aim to live together happily.