Sylvette and Percinet as the Young Romancers

Sylvette and Percinet have all the qualities of young romancers. They are teenagers who have just come home from school when they saw each other passing, they began to fall in love. They do not know how quickly it happened. Their eyes converse in code. They love romantic literature, especially Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and identify themselves with the lovers of Verona.

Edmond Rostand (1868-1918)

They wait for each other in the garden to see each other. When Percinet hears Sylvette's laughter, his heart beats faster and it does not stop until he sees her. Like romantic lovers, they decide to get engaged in spite of their parents' hatred. They take a bold step.

They praise each other very much. Sylvette praises his melodious voice and Percinet her gentle fledgling laughter. They want to be talked about in the future. They secretly make plans to meet every day. They imagine that they will be called as "Tender-hearted children of two callous fathers" They are hopeful, too. They think of different solutions for getting united. They are daydreamers and avoid the company of others. They love the stars, the moon, and nature. They are poetic creatures who want to do something memorable in life. Like a romantic hero, Percinet also proves himself a hero by rescuing his beloved from the kidnappers. In short, Sylvette and Percinet are the idols of romantic lovers.